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     Wireless Network Measurement System

    Hand-held Diagnostic
         Monitor Tool

MicroDM is a field measurement tool for CDMA2000 used on PDA for in-building, outdoor, and subway measurements. It allows real time measurements of mobile voice systems for IS-95 A/B and CDMA2000 1x networks.
Searcher & Finger Information
Multi-test mode - Indoor, Subway, Outdoor Real-time mapping of measurement data
RF Power Information - Tx, Rx, Power Control, FER
CAI Message Logging and Display
FTP/HTTP/PING test support
Auto Call Test & Statistics - Success, Complete, Drop, Blocking
UE Information & Cell ID
FTP/HTTP/PING test support


NetPlus is a field measurement tool for CDMA/3GPP WCDMA supporting field measurement of quality of Voice and data and data logging and able to test multi-voice calls with Multiplexer Supporting up to 4 mobile phones.
Flexible Hardware Configuration
    - Notebook PC + single handset → NetPlus I
    - Notebook PC + USB to Serial Multi Adapter + Up to 8 handsets → NetPlus SM
    - Multi Call Generator + Notebook PC + 4 handsets → NetPlus Multi
CDMA 1x, EVDO, WCDMA test support
 Inbuilding/Subway/Outdoor test support
Searcher & Finger Information
Auto-call test and Call statistics
Various graph window of Rx,Tx, Txadjust, FER, etc.
     Wireless Network Analysis System

         Wireless Network
          Perfomance Analyzer

NetPlus Analyzer is a post processing tool to detail Analysis and optimization of call quality and service Quality with the logging data collected by MicroDM or NetPlus. It supports CDMA and WCDMA and supports inbuilding, Subway as well as outdoor environment. In addition to a basic function such as PDF/CDF, Correlation Graph, Messaging Search and Call Statistic, it supports Coverage, pilot pollution analysis and extended analysis with Query.
RF parameters dispaly :
    - Map, Graph, Table, Message, etc.
Call statistics, PN Scan, Finger&Searcher
Data communication result analysis(FTP,HTTP)
Excel format conversion and Report function
File Merge fuction
Map Info file conversion function
     Pilot Transmitter
WPT 2000

WCDMA Pilot Transmitter

WPT2000 is a Pilot Channel Transmitter for UMTS Network Design and Optimization. It generates WCDMA Pilot Channel or CW signal as output signal and Frequency channel number, PSC and output level can be settable by user. WPT2000 has maximum 2W output level and The power can be supplied internal battery or car charger. It provides quick measurement and analysis for coverage and network optimization for Base Stations and Repeaters.
Output freuency rate: 2110MHz~2170MHz(IMT2000)
Signal type: Pilot, CW
Maximum output power: 1 Watt(30 dBM)
RF output power range: -10~30dBm
Transmit power relative to overall power
Output Power Resolution: 0.1 dB
Frequency tuning resolution: 1 Hz
     Pilot Scanner
WPS 2000

      WCDMA PN Scanner

WPS2000 is a portable UMTS WCDMA PN Scanner to measure and monitor the wireless interface of WCMDA network. It provides the optimization of wireless network performance through driving test with GPS receiver.The tool consists of measuring tool collecting scanned data and analysis tool to analyze collected data. It is also designed to interface PN scanner to check detail service of each Base Station.WPS2000 is a optimization tool to provide quick and accurate WCDMA Scanning data and Base Station monitoring.
RSSI bandwidth: 200kHz(CW), 3.84 MHz(wide)
Spectrum analysis dynamic range: >90dB
RSSI measurement rate: 500 Channel/Sec(CW),250 Channel/Sec(Wide)
CPICH measurement time: minimum 60ms
Input frequency tolerance: 2ppm
CPICH false detections: <0.1%
Minimum detectable WCDMA signal :
    - 21.5dB(relative), -116dBm(absolute)