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iBwave Design automates in-building wireless network design and eliminates guesswork, to bring strong, reliable wireless communications indoors. It provides the right mix of usability, control, and flexibility to simulate real project situations and accurately predict the network quality of service before deployment. iBwave Design is an integrated multi-technology solution that takes RF designers through network planning, design, costing, validation, documentation and reporting.


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  • Design your in-building wireless network using a framework developed by experts
  • and consistency to improve team productivity and interoperability
  • Automate wireless indoor network projects from proposal to delivery
  • Reduce capital expenditure by standardizing design activities and simulating real-life project situations before deployment
  • Improve network performance by designing for specific applications and reliability criteria
  • Keep pace with technology: 2G and 3G wireless technologies as well as new high-speed technologies such as LTE and 4G
  • Control project costs and timelines through advanced project documentation and comprehensive tracking reports.
The Collection Module allows you to import survey data and trace routes from collection devices, and display results. Users can consolidate data and simplify the analysis process by directly overlaying survey data onto wireless indoor network design and analyze the collected information in one single view.

The Propagation Module delivers advanced 3D modelling and indoor and outdoor propagation prediction on your floor plan and building structure to simulate the network coverage in different areas of the building.

The Optimization Module fully leverages and integrates indoor solutions with outdoor signals and interferences. It helps you extrapolate the outdoor wireless signals inside the building to analyze signal quality and data throughput before you even start designing and planning an indoor wireless network. The Optimization module is also the ultimate tool to help you prioritize indoor areas that require the highest quality of indoor coverage to meet specific design requirements.